Out of Town Speaker: Hotspot Virtual Machine's Execution by Monica Beckwith

WiCS Undergrad is proud to invite Monica Beckwith as our out-of-town speaker this term! Monica will be joining us on March 14th to give a talk entitled: "Hotspot Virtual Machine's Execution."

Abstract: Monica Beckwith has worked with the Java Virtual Machine for more than a decade not just optimizing the JVM heuristics, but also improving the Just-in-time(JIT) code quality for various processor architectures as well as working with the garbage collectors and improving garbage collection for server systems.

During this talk, Monica will cover a few JIT and Runtime optimizations and she will dive into the HotSpot garbage collection and provide an overview of the various garbage collectors available in HotSpot.

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Event Details

  • Who: This is open to everyone.
  • What: Tech Talk with Monica Beckwith
  • Where: STC 0040
  • When: Tuesday March 14, 6:00-7:30pm