Machine Learning Workshop

What is machine learning? How do computers make decisions? How do they organize and learn from data? What kind of algorithms are common in machine learning? Akshaya and Evy are holding an introductory workshop to machine learning where you will get to learn all these things, program your own machine learning algorithms, and watch them in action!

This workshop doesn't require much prior experience, but you should be comfortable programming basic algorithms (using for loops, if/else, etc). We'll be using JavaScript, but upper year mentors will be around to answer questions, so don't worry if you've never programmed in JavaScript before!

Space for the workshop is limited so make sure to register soon!

Technical Workshop Series: This event is generously sponsored by BlackBerry, as part of our Technical Workshop Series. We are hosting three such workshops focused on teaching technical skills in partnership with BlackBerry. To learn more about our Technical Workshop Series and partnership with BlackBerry see our sponsors page.

Note: This is a women-only event.

Event Details