Technical Workshop: Intro to Git and Open Source Software

What is Git? Why are people always telling me to make branches? How does one contribute to an open-source project? We’ll be answering all these questions and more at our Intro to Git and Open Source Software Workshop! Fatema will explain the basics of Git, and by the end of the workshop all participants will have submitted a pull request to a public repository. Upper year mentors will be around to answer questions and dinner will be provided!

This workshop is recommended for beginners, and you can view the repo we’ll be working on here. Navigate to the wiki tab to view the full curriculum. Space for the workshop is limited so make sure to register soon!

Technical Workshop Series: This event is generously sponsored by BlackBerry, as part of our Technical Workshop Series. We are hosting three such workshops focused on teaching technical skills in partnership with BlackBerry. To learn more about our Technical Workshop Series and partnership with BlackBerry see our sponsors page

Note: This is a women-only event.

Event Details

  • Who: Women-only
  • What: Git Workshop
  • Where: STC 0050
  • When: Tuesday March 15, 5:30–7:30PM