Call for Systems Committee Volunteers

WiCS has a number of servers and office computers and while it may not have been something you've thought about, maintaining our computer systems takes work!

We'd love to introduce new people to administering and hacking on our network. Never worked with the command line before? No problem! Absolutely no experience is required to get involved. What you will need is enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to listen, proactively try new things, and ask questions.

If you're interested:

  1. Please let us know by signing up as a "wics-sys volunteer." This way, we have a record of your email.
  2. Join our IRC channel. IRC, while old, is the official communication channel of the Systems Committee, so you'll need to hop on our channel in order to keep up with all the action.
  3. Check out our GitLab issue tracker by logging in with your Quest ID and password.

Hope to see you getting involved!