Big CSters Discussion Circles: You Are Not Your Grades

This time, we will be discussing the importance of, or lack thereof, grades in the school system. We have all had the feeling that the grades assigned to us determine how smart we are and what we are capable of. Even though we've always been taught that this is the case, we should be aware that our success is not determined solely by a number. There will be FOOD. Come out and meet your fellow CSters!

About Big CSters: Our Big CSters program helps connect cis & trans women and non-binary students in computer science and related fields, through events geared towards mentorship and community-building.

Event Details

  • Who: Big and Little CSters
  • What: You Are Not Your Grades Discussion
  • Where: MC 5417
  • When: Tue. June 9, 5:30–7:00PM
  • Facebook Event Page: Click here.